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Department of Anatomy



  1. Former Heads
  2. Academic Staff
  3. Objectives
  4. Courses
  5. Teaching Activities
  6. Monthly and Future Plan
  7. Online Lecture Course

Dr. Moe Myint Nwe (2004 - 2006)


Dr. Myint Myint Kyi (2006 - 2009)


Dr. Nwe Win (2009 April - 2009 October)

  Dr. Thin Thin Toe (2009 October - 2018)

Dr. Myo Yin Mon Htwe

Assistant Lecturer

M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (Anatomy)


Dr. Yadanar

Assistant lecturer

M.B.,B.S, M.Med.Sc (Microbiology)


Dr. Thaung Htay


M.B.,B.S (Mdy)


Dr. Zar Zar Win


M.B.,B.S (Mdy)

Institutional Objectives:
To produce qualified traditional medicine practitioners who would be able to undertake various positions in the fields of teaching, research and clinical practice relating to traditional medicine so as to contribute toward the sustainable development of traditional medicine as well as health development in Myanmar.

Departmental Objectives:
At the end of the course of instruction, the student should be able to know gross anatomy and applied anatomy of various organs of the human body.

Specific Learning Objectives
Cognitive domain (Knowledge)
At the end of the course of instruction, the student should be able to
1. use the basic anatomical terminology accurately.
2. have acquire knowledge of structure of organs and systems of human body.

Psychomotor domain (Skill)
At the end of the course of instruction, the student should be able to
1. identify and demonstrate the structures of the human body.
2. relate the various organs and structures of the body.
3. apply the essential anatomical knowledge to traditional medicine practice.
4. practice and perform effective group work delivery.

Affective domain (Attitude)
At the end of the course of instruction, the student should be able to realize and accept that the anatomical knowledge and clinical applied anatomy are important in traditional medical field.
Programme Structure of Anatomy

2nd Year BMTM
(Paper 5 - ANATOMY)

1. Formative Assessment weightage 30%
(Tutorial 10% + Practical 10% + Midterm test 10%)
2. Summative Assessment weightage 70%
(Final Exam Theory; MCQ 40% + MSQ 60%)
3. Pass marks 50%
4. Distinction marks 75%
5. 3F system

1st Year BMTM (Bridge Course)

Module-1 = Introduction, Body cavities, Cells and Tissues
Module-2 = Skeletal system, joint and muscular system
Module-3 = General embryology and nervous system
Module-4 = CVS and respiratory systems
Module-5 = Digestive and urinary systems
Module-6 = Endocrine and reproductive systems
Student assessment will be done after each module.

1. Summative Assessment weightage 100%
(Average of total 6 modules)
2. Pass marks 50%
3. Distinction marks 75%
4. 3F system

MCQ 40% - 20 MCQs (100) marks
MSQ 60% - Answer three out of four questions.
(20) marks for each question, total (60) marks.
Staff Development Activities
- Planning to carry out personal and professional development among academic staff

Weekly / Monthly / Yearly / Future
- Yearly lunch time talk
- Yearly Continuing Traditional Medical Education

Social Welfare Activities
- Farewell/ welcome to staff transferred from/ to the department
- Thingyan homage
- Thadingyut homage
- New year celebration
- Anniversary of UTM
- Donation ceremony of Warso robe
- Kahtain robe offering ceremony
- University games sports and activities
- Kasone festival of watering the Banyan tree



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