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Department of Botany



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  2. Academic Staff
  3. Objectives
  4. Courses
  5. Teaching Activities
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Dr.Hnin Hnin Htun (1995-2021)

Lecturer and Head

M.Sc.(Botany),Dip. Med. Ed,Ph.D


Daw Hnin Hnin Htun

Lecturer and Head

M.Sc.(Botany),Dip.Med.Ed, Ph.D


Daw Aye Aye Mon

Assistant lecturer

B.Sc (Hons:),M.Sc(Botany)


Daw Mar Mar Ko

Assistant Lecturer


Departmental Objectives
At the end of the courses the learner should be able to

1. describe the characteristics of life and living processes
2. describe the basic knowledge of living organisms important to medical sciences
3. describe the physiological changes in plants which are similar to other organisms
4. recall the basic principles of heredity and to apply it in solving elementary genetic problems
5. describe the medicinally important plants, their constituents and their uses
6. acquire some basic knowledge of phytochemistry and pharmacognosy

1. identify accurately the morphology of common medicinal plants
2. choice the useful parts of medicinal plants correctly
3. use the plant collection and herbarium methods correctly

1. appreciate the importance of medicinal plants
2. believe and adopt the role of prevention in environmental pollution
Courses Conducted
First Year(B.M.T.M) Course
Period of study - one academic year
Total teaching hour - 150 hrs

Course outline
1. Parts of a flowering plant
2. Plant Taxonomy
3. Plant Anatomy
4. Structure and function of plant cells
5. Plant Genetics
6. Plant Physiology
7. Cellular and non-cellular level of plants
8. Medicinal Plants
9. Plant Ecology and plant behavior
10. BasicPhytochemistry and pharmacognosy
11. Plant collection method and herbarium method

Student Assessment
1. Formative Assessment-- 30%
2. Summative Assessment -- 70%
3. Pass marks-- 50%
4. Distinction marks -- 80%
5. 2 F system



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