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Department of Zoology



  1. Former Heads
  2. Academic Staff
  3. Objectives
  4. Courses
  5. Teaching Activities
  6. Monthly and Future Plan
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Dr. Thein Gi Naing

Lecturer and Head

M.Sc.(Zoology),Dip in Chinese,Dip.Med.Ed, Ph.D


Dr.Thein Gi Naing

Lecturer and Head

M.Sc.(Zoology),Dip in Chinese,Dip. Med.Ed, Ph.D


Daw Htet Htet Wai (2009-2021)

Assistant lecturer



Daw Khin Myo Htwe (2009-2021)

Assistant Lecturer



Daw San San Win

Assistant Lecturer


Departmental Objectives
At the end of the courses the learner should be able to

1. recognize and identify some organisms important to the health of man and his surrounding
2. develop and understanding of man as a living organism and his place in nature
3. acquire the structure and function of a mammalian body systems and the adaptive affinities to perform a behavior suitable for the survival of the organism in nature
4. acquire as a crude drug from animal which is related to Traditional Medicine

1. establish a habit of scientific learning approach and drawing of valid conclusion
2. differentiate animals belonging to animal kingdom, and to correlate the relationship between an animal and its surroundings
3. identify some common parasites affecting the health of man
4. identify the insect vectors affecting the health of man
5. identify the common poisonous snakes in Myanmar

1. develop a habit of scientific approach on accurate observations and drawing of valid conclusions
2. aware the possibility of prevention and control of some vector-borne and zoonotic diseases
3. recognize, maintain and develop the personal characteristics and attitudes required for a career of a health profession
Courses Conducted
First Year(B.M.T.M) Course
Period of study - one academic year
Total teaching hour - 120 hrs

Course outline
1. Animal cells and tissues
2. Survey of the animal kingdom
3. Comparative anatomy and physiology of vertbbrate
4. Medical parasitology
5. Medical entomology
6. Poisonous Snakes
7. Animal crude drugs used in traditional medicine

Student Assessment
1. Formative Assessment weitage-- 30%%
2. Summative Assessment weitage-- 70%
3. Pass marks -- 50%
4. Distinction marks -- 80%
5. 2 F system

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