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Daw Htay Myat Khaing

Head and Chief Programmer

B.C.Sc, B.C.Sc.(Hons), M.C.Sc, PGDE(Eng;)


Daw Htay Myat Khaing

Head and Chief Programmer

B.C.Sc, B.C.Sc.(Hons;), M.C.Sc, PGDE(Eng;)


Daw Aye Aye Win


B.A (Business Management), DIT, DOS


Daw Myat San Aye

Assistant Lecturer


Departmental Objectives
At the end of the course, the learners should be able to:

1. know what is a computer and the basic knowledge of IT.
2. understand windows applications and its environment.

1. use the Microsoft Words application for preparation of paper, thesis and dissertation.
2. use the Microsoft Power-point application for presentation.
3. use the Microsoft Excel for database management, scientific applications and chart.
4. use the Adobe Page-Maker for preparation of a paper, thesis and dissertation.
5. use the multimedia CD-Rom and ways of application.
6. use the assessing internet for medical knowledge.
7. use Internet and E-mail Access.
Course conducted
First Year (B.M.T.M) Course
Period of study - One academic year
Total teaching hours - 60 hours

Course outline
For First Year (B.M.T.M) Course
1. Introduction and how to use a computer
2. Typing Tutor (to practice typing with English fonts and Myanmar fonts)
3. Using Microsoft Words
4. Using a Multimedia CD-Rom and Information Technology
5. Using Microsoft Power Point
6. Using Microsoft Excel
7. Using Microsoft Adobe Page Maker
8. Using internet and e-mail

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