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Department of Museum



  1. Former Heads
  2. Staff
  3. Objectives
  4. Monthly and Future Plan
  5. Department Gallery

U Aung Kyaw Oo (2004-2005)

Museum Acting Curator

B.A (History) ,Dip . T. Med


Daw Mya Thway (2005-2016)

Museum Curator

B.Sc (chem)Q ,HGP,DA,DFAC, DIP .PGDM (Museum) .Ygn


Daw Yi Nu San

Museum Assistant -2

B.Sc (Botany),Dip . T. Med,B.M.T.M


Daw Kyin Kyin Mar

Museum Assistant -2

B.A (Myanmar),Dip . PGDE (MUFL)


Daw Theingi Kyaw

Museum Assistant -3

B.A (Myanmar) ,DIP . PGDM (Museum).Ygn,
Dip . PGDE (MUFL) ,Dip .DOS (MU)

Departmental Objectives
To Assist the learning and teaching capacity of Traditional medicine widely .The Collection and exhibiting to -
1.Ancient material (Inscription stone)
2.Model (UTM building)
3.Photographs (Head of the state)
4.Lacquer ware
5.NakkhattaNaya –planets,Horoscope (print)
6.Football cup
7.Oil painting of Pho Hlaing,SayaHmont
8.Oil painting of SayaHmont
9.Oil painting of SayaKae
10.Oil painting of U Pho Minn
11.Oil painting of Saya Thin
12.Oil painting of U Eindriya
13.Oil painting of GaloonSaya San
14.Oil painting of U Pan Tha
15.Books- UTM textbooks
16.Poster-Nawarat Oath
17.Traditional Medicine Box (Emergency )
18.Plant Origin (Chemical compounds)
19.Mineral Origin ,Metallic componds (Nan)
20.Mineral Origin,Metallic drug (Yoke)
21.Vijjadhara medicine
22.Animal Orgins
23.Plant Origin (Medicinal flowers &others)
24.Plant Origin (Aromatic substance)
25.Jivaka Sculpture
26.Multi Herbarium sheets
27.Traditional Medicine Formula card
28.NakkhattaNaya , Astrology (Vinyl)
29.Vijjadharanaya (Cabalistic Diagram)
30.VijjadharaYantra and bellows
31.Poster (logo,Map,Objectives,Treatise command)
32.Aromatherapy-Essential Oil
33.Ancient Material
34.Asean national flowers
35.Plant Origin (14states &Division)
36.Plants Photographs
37.Multi Herbarium sheets -TM Law
38.UTM Poster (PB Board)
39.NakkhattaNaya (Constellation,Asterism)
40. Ancient Materials ,Foreign countries present
41. Plant Origin (Chemical compounds)
42. Plant Origin
43. Plant Origin (Roots &Rhizome)
44. Rare material ,medicinal oil and Myanmar Traditional hot fomentation
45. Speech (UTM opened ceremony)
46. Oil painting of Ah naw ma dat the
47.Oil painting of Phahta Ma MaungHtaung Sa Yar Taw
48.Oil painting of Saya Paw
49.Oil painting of U Na Rain Da
50. Ah Shin Nar Ga Thay Na (Vinyl)
51. Oil painting of U Kyaw Yan
52. Oil painting of SayaNyo
53. Oil painting of SayaTu

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